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The evolution of PV modules (groupings of interconnected PV cells in an enclosed, environmentally sealed package) has paralleled the successes of PV cells. The principle components of crystalline silicon photovoltaic modules are the glass, encapsulant, the silicon cells and associated wiring, and a protective back sheet. Containing a terminal strip to allow the module to be wired to other modules or the load, a backside-mounted, sealed junction box provides the module’s electrical connection. The junction box may contain a module bypass diode that allows a series-connected PV system to operate if one of the modules is inoperative due to failure or damage. Today’s PV module is greatly improved over versions produced only four or five years ago and is available with several different front materials, including polymer, low-iron, or the most prevalent material, conventional glass.


Automated Turnkey Solar Module Fabrication - Systems up to 100 MWp

Semi Automatic Module Lines with a yearly capacity up to 30 MWp.

Economical solutions thanks to maximum throughput, high levels of system availability, and the safe processing of the thinnest cells.
Systems and automation levels are configured to meet customer specification and budget.

The Lines Include:

  • Glass Washing Machine
  • Manual EVA – FOIL Placing
  • Automatic Lay up
  • Off Line Manual Lay Up Station
  • Automatic Tabber Stringer
  • Manual String Repair
  • Semi Automatic EVA & Tedlar Cutting Station
  • Laminator – Entrance Conveyor
  • Laminator
  • Laminator – Exit Conveyor
  • Visual Inspection Station
  • Semi Automatic Framing Station
  • Semi automatic Silicon Injection Station
  • Manual Junction Box Setting Station
  • Light IV– Tester
  • Labeling Station
  • Packing Station
  • Electrical Sequence Control